5D works with the U.S. Military and defense subcontractors to develop unmanned system behaviors and plug and play mission payloads that increase performance and reduce workload for Warfighters.

Our graphical interface and tasking software, ICE™, provides intuitive tasking and improved situation awareness across a wide variety of tactical situations. Our robot-side BE™ software enables the robot to search and navigate, reducing workload and distraction. The 5D focus is on providing responsive, real-time collaborative control especially in dynamic, complex environments.

5D robot-side Behavior Engine (BE™) software runs on unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), unattended ground sensors (UGS). This software includes robust behaviors for reactive guarded motion, obstacle avoidance and follow, as well as deliberative behaviors for mapping, localization, waypoint navigation and path planning. It also allows plug and play of many different sensors.

5D offers the ICE™ software that runs on the operator controller/interface side to simplify tasking of remote assets and provide improved situational awareness to operators. This includes the ability to track and visually represent the robot as well as other entities moving in the environment as well as the ability to task and operate the robot, sensors, and other remote equipment. The same ICE™ interface can be used to operate any robot and payload that has been integrated with our BE™ software.

Improvised Explosive Device Defeat

5D Robotics has developed an IEDD capability that can plug-and-play a number of sensors for detecting and analyzing explosive threats. We have worked on projects funded by the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) and US Army Project Manager for IEDD to expand those capabilities and add additional IEDD sensing and neutralization capabilities. These projects will simplify and improve standoff control and provide new capabilities for scanning for buried objects, trip wires and other explosive devices.

Follow-Me Kit

The 5D BE™ can be used to provide “follow-me” using a combination of laser tracking and UWB tag tracking. The goal is to carry equipment for the soldier and ensure that the robot can keep up autonomously without requiring warfighter control. At times, the robot can also be cued to go ahead to look for hazards and scout out the way ahead. The 5D follow capability includes the ability to “wagon-train” heterogeneous autonomous vehicles as well as have robotic vehicles follow a manned vehicle.