5D has ultra-wide band (UWB) tags that can provide active positioning in GPS challenged environments and when vehicles are moving indoors and outdoors. The unique combination of proven active position tags and an innovative range-based tracking capability developed for military applications, allows the 5D software to track all motion and changes in a local environment.

The 5D software consists of a core module as well as several reconfigurable add-ons that can customize the system for different purposes. The plug and play add-ons include visual cameras, thermal cameras, a pan-tilt unit, radar, stereo vision and lasers. The app displays the tracked targets on a smart phone or computer. and shows position and trajectory of each tracked entity.

The interoperable, modular hardware can be used in many different installations and does not require lengthy or complex integration. The ID aspect of the UWB tag system allows a unique ability for determining relevance to the security professional who must decide what action to take. Intelligence provided by the 5D software system can discern which moving targets are of interest to which users.

The primary differentiator is that the 5D software can be used during normal work hours because the use of Active Position Tags on visitors and employees allows the system to automatically distinguish authorized from unauthorized access and movement.